The end is here: Google's coming down hard on legacy users

Aspire is providing, 4 Best Cheaper Alternatives than G Suite in 2022

Nearly five years ago, Google announced their G Suite Legacy free edition plan to make it easier for businesses to upgrade. Now the decision has been made to discontinue the free service indefinitely starting July 1 this year, according to a recent announcement by Google. This will affect over 10 million people that currently use G Suite's Legacy Free Edition Plan. Moving forward, all G Suite users will now need to upgrade or migrate their accounts before July to continue using the services.
Google has made a move to shift most of its users to the new Google Workspace as it discontinues the company's G suite legacy. However, not everyone is too enthusiastic about migrating due to the cost and complexity involved in doing so. Aspire Innovation is offering the 4 best and cheaper alternatives than the G suite legacy. The company is providing four packages that are more budget-friendly than G Suite but offer the same features with added benefits. So, here are four cheaper alternatives than G Suite for those who want a seamless transition.

4 Best Cheaper Alternatives than G Suite in 2022 after google asks its users to migrate,

1. Migrate to workspace but with lesser prices with us


The first option is to Upgrade the free plan to paid plan but with better prices. We are offering you the opportunity to migrate to Google workspace but for a reduced price, all with the same features as you would find with the huge-priced plans. If you're looking to save money on your workspace needs, then this is an opportunity not to be missed!

2. Move to Zoho mail


Zoho mail is a great alternative to the G suite legacy free edition plan, and the pricing is much cheaper. All features that Google provides in the G suite legacy free edition plan are also available in Zoho Mail. We offer Zoho mail service at Rs.59 per mail per month with 5 GB storage and up to Rs.99 for those who need 30GB of storage space. These prices are much more affordable than other companies in our industry because we have flexible payment plans and a variety of plans so you can choose the right one for you.

3. Move to Enterprise email


Aspire Innovation has come up with a new offer that is Enterprise mail and can be availed at Rs. 85 per mail per month with a 30 GB storage plan. This is an alternative to the G suite legacy at a very affordable price. Being a profitable company, Aspire Innovation has been able to provide very lucrative offers that will change the face of email services in India for decades to come.

4. Business Email


No matter what your needs are, Aspire Innovation has a solution for you. Aspire offers Business Email, a cheaper option at Rs. 40 per mail per month to businesses that require very small space to store their data. The company also provides 5 GB storage with almost all features of google. This service is much cheaper than G Suite Legacy and offers almost all of the same features.

In conclusion, Aspire is now the best option for all businesses in 2022. Aspire's current offers are the cheapest and have the most to offer. These amounts are unbeatable by any other company, making it a much better investment for any business.
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